Sunday, May 02, 2010

Southern Spring Splash!

On Friday, Rick and I joined Sheri G. and her friends, Cathy and Marion from the Fayetteville area, for lunch at the Gid Waterfall before also visiting the Gristmill Waterfall nearby. Sheri (who is Rick's big sister) and Cathy were classmates and close childhood friends.

Cathy, who was raised in Izard County, had visited the Gid Waterfall as a teenager and happened to see it on our site a couple of years ago. We were happy to have been able to take her and her husband to see both waterfalls and both Rick and I thoroughly enjoyed their well as their absolutely scrumptious chicken salad!


Colleen said...

Hi! I recently moved to Izard County (near Mount Pleasant) and was wondering how to get to these falls. Are they hard to find? Thanks!

Al-Ozarka said...

They're easy to find, but...they are on private property, I'm afraid

Perhaps you can join us on a future excursion.