Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moody Cemetery (Iuka)

The Moody Cemetery lies just outside of Iuka near the Baxter County line. I'm sorry to say...there wasn't much information about Moody Cemetery, Iuka, or those buried at Moody online. I have read some stories about late 19th Century happenings around the Iuka area, however, and will see if I can find those stories to share with our readers later. There are still a few features in the Iuka area we intend to visit.

None of us are aware of the name of the old school-building in the photos...or how old the church-building might be. We welcome your contributions and will publish any information you might want to pass on to us. are more than welcome to share the info in the comments section!

The Arnold, Killian, and Moody families are well-represented in the Moody Cemetery.

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