Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sylamore Road

The road twists and turns along ridges with great views of surrounding hills.
This road is a must for any who venture to the Arkansas Folk Festival across the White River in Mountain View.
There are three scenic "look-outs" along the Sylamore Road. Locals refer to them as the first, second, and third look-outs (clever, ain't we?). The first being the closest to Melbourne to the north, the second, just past County Road 11, and the third at the top of the hill that overlooks Twin Creek Hollow (Photos to come).

Sorry! Some of these images were captured with a cheap $20 Vivitar. I'll replace them as I get more shots of the sights.
The top pjoto is a view from the First Look-out. Just to the south along Sylamore Road, is a stretch of highway that runs along an interesting bluff. The next two shots are from the Second Look-out. One is during late-spring, the other was taken during the autumn with the cheap Vivitar. The next image is one of a large limestone rock formation that stands just north of the Second Look-out immediately upon turning off of Sylamore Road onto County Road 11. The last two photos are views from the Third Look-out. One in late-spring, and the other, again, in the autumn and with the cheap-o camera.

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