Saturday, January 27, 2007

Boswell/Piney Creek


Anonymous said...

The old store building in Boswell at the corner was washed about halfway down that field in the flood of 1928. It was pulled back to its present location by being rolled on top of logs and pulled by mules. Just an interesting fact I thought I would pass along.

shelly Andrews said...

When growing up, my parents owned a little house in Boswell,that we would go to every summer and I remember seeing this building. Mrs. Hill was Post Mistress at that time and we attending church above Boswell. I wonder if they still hold services there? We spent hot summer days in Piney Creek. Fished in the White River. Where our house set,there was neighbors above us the Quall's and the Layton's down the road and ther was gentlemen around there that my DAd referred to as Sergent or General.I'm well aware that both Quall's and Layton's had passed on,but I wonder if the places still stand.

Al-Ozarka said...

There are many of the old homes still standing on the side of the hill below the old schoolhouse/Baptist Chruch. I think they only hold services there on special occasions anymore.

If you have not already seen it, the latest post on the blog is about Boswell.

Sandra Jones said...

Just happened to stumple across your site and I love it.. It's beautiful. Full of great information and makes me proud to be a Arkansan. I do intend to mark it to my favorites and visit again. Thanks for taking the time to share such a piece of heaven.

Donnie Vest said...

No story of Boswell could be complete without the story my Daddy told me every deer season when we hunted on the Byler place between Jumbo and Boswell. Someone told me that a gentleman from Mt. Home. put words to the story of Floyd Byler. My daddy, Thurl, always seemed to walk by the small bluff where the shooting took place
on our way out of the Boswell/Jumbo woods. If anyone knows how I can get a copy fo the book please email me at or or

Thanks in advance, Donnie

Thanks in advance.