Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Calico Rock Monoliths/Boswell Road/Athens Courthouse/Old Boswell School

Click here for map.

A Visitor has informed me the "Calico Rock Monoliths" have been known as Mason's Rocks. My mother played on them as a child and they are indeed a landmark in the county.
I appreciate feedback like that given by this particular visitor to the site and hope others will offer their own.


BBanzai said...

Thanks for the pics of 'Calico Rock Monoliths', it was cool seeing them after all these years again. My friends and I knew them as 'Mason's Rocks' (they sat in the mason family pasture). Had fun climbing on those many of a day.

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

I was unaware of the local name, BB! Thanks!
There are many such "monoliths" around the county (as you are probably aware), and I thought the term was colorful.
This kind of feedback, BB, is MOST helpful.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me to leave you alone and quit posting comments on your site about all of these places if you want me to. I am just a history buff who knows the area. John Houston who is buried at Athens was a brother to Sam Houston who died fighting at the Alamo along side Davy Crockett. I have always heard this story and think it is true.

Tsali Queyi said...

John Houston may be a brother of Sam Houston's, but Sam Houston neither fought nor died at the Alamo. The defenders of the Alamo bought time for Sam Houston to raise an army to defeat Gen Santa Anna at San Jacinto a month after the Alamo fell. He lived long enough to be the first president of the Republic of Texasand died soon after the beginning of the War for Southern Independence.