Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paul Weaver Library Exhibition

The Paul Weaver Library at Ozarka College has graciously asked us to provide a display this month! When the library opens on Ozarka's campus Monday morning, several of the photos from the site will be on display in the antique showcase. We are so thankful that the college has allowed us to share this amazing place with its students, staff, and faculty.
Those of us who have been involved with the site from the beginning were all aware of many places in the county before we ever started this thing. However, we are all in awe of what this special place in the Arkansas Ozarks has to offer after being involved with this site. It's strange to think that a couple of years ago, none of us were really aware of just what we had. Personally, I think very few people who live in the county are aware even now.
Only those involved in the site...and those who visit!
We are elated to have this opportunity!
Thank You Dr. Johnston, Mrs. Hawkins, and all the staff who have encouraged us!
If you're in Melbourne in the next couple of weeks, stop by the campus and see the new construction and remodel. While there, stop by and see our display at the Paul Weaver Library!

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