Monday, September 22, 2008

Old Hammett House at Wideman (Gin-Owners)

I received an e-mail since posting this entry from Mrs. Betty McCollum after I had asked her about the building in Wideman. Following is the info she shared:

" I did a little checking on the "Hotel" at Wideman. I called Miss Mildred Kankey, who will soon be 90. (Her story is in one of the DML books.) Her mother also lived to be in her 90's, and this is what her mother told her:
"There used to be a big two story building in Wideman that was built by the Hammett family. They (Hammet's) owned the cotton gin. People called that the Hotel cause they fed so many people, but it was because so many people came there with their cotton, and they just fed these people. But, Mildred said her mother said, "It was never a hotel."
Hope this will answer your question sufficiently."

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