Sunday, March 09, 2008

Old Mount Olive

We finally visited the old Schoolhouse at Mount Olive last Sunday afternoon. It is an exact copy of the Lunenburg Schoolhouse.
After exploring the old building, we wandered through the woods that have grown up between the railroad tracks and the Presbyterian Church. We found several building foundations and a huge double-hearth chimney.


Jennifer Grimes said...

Wow!! You're right, it is an exact copy!! I've never seen that one before! lol What a surprise indeed. :) Jen

Al-Ozarka said...


Eudell told me they were both built by a "Doc" Long (probably the H.T. Long on the wall-plaque?). He also told me he has the original warrants issued for both projects and that men from the community volunteered a week's worth of work each to build the schools.

Despite my earlier claims, neither of these buildings were built by the CCC. I will correct the posts where that was mentioned soon.

We have permission to launch our first-ever group outing from the grounds of the school at Lunenburg! We're hoping to also stop by and visit the one at Mt. Olive so everyone can see both buildings...and the grounds.

Virginia said...

this is stunning! the pics are great. what a gem.

Curtis said...

Grandmother told me that the big double chimney was from a tavern and inn that was very popular back in the day.