Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dodd Hole

Dodd Hole is near Stella. The site has long been a favorite of Izard County residents and was at one time a very popular swimming hole. Spring fed, this pool of water that falls from a spring above the waterfall, is ice cold and refreshing on a hot July day! A mill once stood at the location and was called Dodd Mill.


charles max reeves said...

MY GOD!!! The Dodd Mill Hole!! I swam there as a boy, born and lived in Stella until about 1939. (I'm 81 now). I can remember a bunch of us kids would go there and swim. I especially remember my cousin Monty Cockrill jumping off the top of the falls into the water. We all thought he was the bravest person in the world! I'm sure he only did it to impress Gwendolen (she was a cousin of Vaughn D and Durwood McGaha).I often wonder what Stella is like now. The last trip there was in 1976. My grandfather, W.H. Reeves had a store there in the late 20's and early 30's. Uncle Dave and Aunt Belle had a saw mill (no relation, but all older folks were called Aunt & Uncle) There was a CC Camp on my uncle Eli Davidson place and later there was a wooden tower up on the hill that my grandfather used to watch for fires. I guess he worked for the forest service at the time. Kids didn't care, All I know for sure is that we kids were not allowed under any circumstances to get near that tower!! LORD!! the memories of a kid growing up in those times. We used to dig tunnels in the saw dust pile at Uncle Dave's mill and crawl all through them, never thinking the tunnel could collapse and smother us to death!! Just kids having fun, fun, fun! My other grandfather, Charles M. Bryant lived on a place about halfway between Stella and Sage. I can remember him loading a sack of corn on a mule, me sitting on the mule and taking the corn to Uncle Dave's mill to be ground into corn meal, Uncle Dave would keep some of the meal as his fee for grinding the corn. I would give anything to relive some of those memories. It was a very special time for me.
Kindest Regards
Charles Max Reeves
5140 Black Oak Road
Concord, Ca. 94521

reagan chapman said...

Do you know the address??? I'd love to take my kids there but can't find a address???

Chanti O said...

I would like to know also

Chanti O said...

I would like to know also

Jessica goines said...

I would LOVE to hear or read some more of your life stories. I found that very interesting and loved reading it. I often feel like I wish I had been born back in that time. Thank you for sharing Mr. Charles max reeves