Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gid on the Rocks!

Enjoy this video we got last Sunday afternoon while visiting the ice-covered waterfall at Gid!

Tune in often...we might get to visit the Hunter Mountain Cave near Knob Creek today!


The whole crew didn't get to go to Hunter Mountain today, but we are now aware of its location and plan to return soon with equipment to get some photos and video. The area the cave is located is also near the spot where Knob Creek flows into Mill Creek so we will have more to offer than just cave-features. There is also a period log-cabin on the property we're looking forward to featuring.
The member of the crew who went yesterday was able to get a few shots with his cell-phone camera. We'll try to get those up sometime later today or tonight.


Bill said...

Mr. Al-Ozarka:
Just found your site thanks to Cuz Jeff's blog. Man, you've got some "purty" pictures out there.
As a transplanted Arkansas boy, I do my visits with camera in hand only about twice a year, and half the time go over the same backroads. I'm halfway familiar with some areas of Izard county (I thought) and sure got enlightened last evening and this morning in viewing all.
In fact, I got the map out and searched both it and web sites trying to find some of the areas you covered.
Perhaps sometime you can advise public areas and routes to same, either through hiking or mountain biking.
This afternoon will visit my Mom and ask if she remembers ever going to the Dolph natural bridge or others. She was born near Rodney.
Bill Hodges

Al-Ozarka said...

Bill, we've been cautious about giving specifics on locations of certain sites. Those which are accessible without permission from a landowner are the only ones we tend to describe in detail regarding locations.
All of us who are involved in the site have been awestruck at what is out there that we didn't know about. In fact, we continue to get tips and offers from individuals to guide us to caves and other features. We have a list almost as long as the one on the sidebar of places to go that we have never been to.

This fact has given us one of our truths: "Every place we haven't another place to go!"

Next time you're in this neck of the woods, holler!