Thursday, February 05, 2009

Family Plots: Bounds Cemetery and Jones Cemetery

Jones Cemetery

The Jones Family Plot lies just off of Arkansas 9 just North of the Big Hurricane Creek Bridge. Buried here is Asa Jones who is said to have been murdered by bushwhackers sometime in the 1870s. Apparently, his wife had run off with another man taking her baby, John, with her prior to his (Asa) being murdered and she and her boyfriend (who may have actually been the killer) hung Asa from the fireplace. It is said that Asa hid his other children in various places including the woodbin and the smokehouse when he heard the hoof-beats of the horsemen as they approached. The cemetery has several children's graves in close proximity to and constructed much like the largest grave which we would guess is that of Asa.

Thanks to Mrs. Betty Mac for sharing some of her own research!

NOTE: This, of course, is NOT the Jones Cemetery located near Boswell on Jones Mountain above Piney Creek. We'll be including that on the site in the future.

The Bounds Cemetery

The Bounds Family Plot lies only a few hundred yards away from the Jones Cemetery just off Hurricane Creek Road. Buried here is at least one child...and possibly more family members of the William Carroll Bounds and Mary Josephine (Cones) Bounds family who moved here from Alabama in the 1870s but later relocated to Howell County, Mo. and then on to the Texarkana, Tx area. Both William and Mary are buried in Texarkana.

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