Monday, November 19, 2007

Out of the Woods!

Just a note to let everyone know that as soon as the Thanksgiving Hunt is past, the EIC crew will be back on the job...finding and sharing the wonders of this amazing county!

We have several excursions in the works over the next couple of months. We're hoping to visit Hobo's Den near Calico Rock, Moon-Eye somewhere near Boswell on Mill Creek, A couple of caves in the Gid area which are currently in the process of being mapped by cave-enthusiasts, and a number of other sites we have been asked to cover by other gracious landowners.

This weekend, we retraced a bit of history by visiting the mouth of Lafferty Creek across the river from where John Lafferty settled after returning from Tennessee with his family. Our hope is to spend a day soon seeing if we can find any evidence of the presence of the Lafferty homeplace.

Fear not! Just because Deer-season has kept us on the pavement and gravel, we have lots in store for our readers in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned!

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