Monday, March 03, 2008

Hunter Mountain Cave

Hunter Mountain dominates the scenery along Knob Creek. The cave is rumored to go completely through the mountain. Across Mill Creek from the Mountain, stands an old one-room schoolhouse...we are not sure what the community was called that it serviced. The old log house is the Richardson House...a period log cabin from the 19th century.
The circles were etched in the sand along Mill Creek by the wind blowing rooted grass stalks in circles.


Kloggers said...

You have some lovely scenery there.

*kim* said...

Thanks for the info on the thong trees. I may have to further investigate my suspect in Sharp County! ;)

Anonymous said...


Does anyone know how to get to this cave? Coordinates would be nice. Thanks.

Al-Ozarka said...

Private land, I'm afraid. E-mail and I'll tell you how to get in touch with the owners.

Donnie Vest said...

A person can probably no longer go
all the way through the cave on hunter mountain. The last time I was in it was around 1966, when Pod, Johnny, David, Dale and I climbed up and down into the cave with lights. We went for what seemed like over a mile into the mountain when the crevice narrowed
into a small round opening through which we could see a huge perfectly round room. We skinned out of our extra clothing and stated sliding through. Being the thinnest, I got through first. It was an amazing site. The rest followed, or tried to. Johnny, having had a bigger breakfast the the rest of us, could not get through. So it was decided to go back. Problem was we came down through the hole at an angle, and getting back meant the angle was reversed and the rock pushed against what little cloths we still had on. So went the rest of the clothes, and we actually skinn`ed out through the hole woth help from one another. I'm sure Hunter Mountain Cave can still be a thrill to explore, but with the way the way that rock was growing down, a human could no longer get to where we were, and definitely not farther. I think I could still find the cave, and maybe even where we thought I came out on the other side. The modern convenience of a four-wheeler would help.

Donnie Vest

Donnie Vest said...

We had a party in the tater cave when I was in Jr.High. Forgotten what the occasion was. Maybe a girls birthday. Anyway, first lookout will never stand up to my
recollection of the 3rd lookout where I Proposed to my wife 34 years ago,(I pray I got that year right, I did, I checked the book.

james said...

Love the blog. If you have a chance could you email me with info on the land owners? I would like to check the cave out. Email is