Friday, June 19, 2009

Go Down to the Church...and Pray! (Knob Creek Church)

When one lives in a place like Izard County, a professional therapist isn't necessary when one becomes entangled in the stresses of life. Just a quick jump behind the steering wheel and a five-minute drive does wonders for the troubled soul!
We returned to Knob Creek Church this afternoon and got to go upstairs to the Oddfellows Hall where we also got a few shots of the original bell. The bell was stored in the barn of a local farmer with hopes the church would be rebuilt to its original two-story design...which it was a few years ago.


Feodor said...

What were the upstairs for? Was there a meeting room up there originally?

Man, fantastic building, and the interior is incredible.

Al-Ozarka said...

At some point in the early part of the 20th century, the church was lowered to one-story. However, the I.O.O. was very active in the county and yes...meetings were held upstairs in what was originally the Oddfellows Hall.

The owners of the property had long wanted to restore the building and did so about 10-years ago at their own expense.

It is a fascinating building...the original woodwork is beautiful...the therapeutic nature of the property is priceless!

Pris Weathers said...

Love this old church! I need to get back up to Izard county, seems like I missed the best stuff! - Pris

Al-Ozarka said...

We've been sniffing things out for over three years now, Pris, and we still have a long list that continues to grow of places yet to document!

Izard County keeps us busy!