Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blankenship's Rocks

Blankenship's Rocks, a huge outcrop of limestone on a hilltop above Knob Creek...a natural playground! There are several deep fissures the visitor can traverse that almost form a maze! Rocks to climb, trails to follow, trees to conquer(possibly even a thong tree!) wonder this place has been visited by generations of frolicking Easter Sunday pic-nickers!

There is a darker, more tragic history to this place, we have learned. It is said that once, a physically abusive husband, after having been fatally injured by his fed-up wife by way of an ax-blow to the neck, died on these rocks trying desperately to make his way to the closest doctor at Brockwell. Though some believe that this incident is how the rock formation gained its name, it is said by others to have been called by the same name even before this took place.


We've recently heard an alternative story to the one offered above. A descendant of the man, Elijah Blankenship who supposedly died upon the rocks, told us he may not have died at all! There is a very good possibility Blankenship made it to Brockwell where he got treatment and was able to recover. There is testimony by someone claiming to be a descendant through a second marriage that Elijah moved up north and began a life with a new family. His first wife, who administered what she thought was the fateful blow, was Sarah Jane Goodrich, and is said to have fled with her family after the incident to Texas.

It was a cold day on this rocky hilltop. We hope to visit again on a more accommodating day and spend more time exploring this place. When we do, we'll also visit a similar formation nearby!

Video Below!