Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wayland Arbor Cemetery (Dolph)

Wayland Arbor Cemetery lies near Dolph and is truly one of the most picturesque cemeteries we have visited in our explorations of Izard County's history. The Arbor was founded in 1873 by Henry Wayland and hosted camp-meetings for generations. A two-story church once stood near the site but was destroyed sometime in the past.

The most notable inhabitant of this cemetery is likely Daniel Hively who was one of the very first settlers along the White River. According to A.C. Jeffery, Mr. Hively "was a Pennsylvania Dutchman of medium stature, and an iron constitution and nerve to undertake anything. He was a remarkable man of strength for his size. This combined with a temper which he never had been able to control, often led him into difficulties which he was always ready to settle in single combat; yet he was and is a warm friend and a good man." Daniel came to Izard County as a keelboatman and plied his trade in that field as well as operated one of the early gristmills located near the mouth of Piney Creek. He was a truly amazing pioneer character. Read more about him here (bottom of page) and here (Chapter 49).

Hively's family was well-represented during the "War of Northern Aggression" as can be seen in the photo of the family plot. Thomas R. Hively, one of Daniel's sons, was a circuit riding preacher who eventually married the widow of Modena "Frank" Woodcock, Mary "Polly" L. Dorcas Langston.

Also buried here are members of the Thrasher family, early contributors to the progress of the area.

The family of Dr. William Jasper Hall is also represented here.

If you've ever considered visiting any of Izard County's cemeteries, we recommend this be placed on your list of ones to visit!

Photo of Daniel Hively from Baxter Bulletin - Click Image to Enlarge

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