Saturday, August 25, 2007

Outback in Izard!

Today we will be participating in a new event in the county. Inspired by the close proximity between Melbourne in Izard County and Sidney in Sharp County, our newly-formed Optimist Club is having its first annual "Outback Day".

This is our first time setting up a table and meeting with the general public. If you happen to pop-onto the site this morning, come down and meet the EIC Crew at the new city park (walking trail) in Melbourne. We'll be there from 9 a.m until noon.


I believe our table was a hit at the Outback Day today! We played a game that asked the participants to match photos from the site to locations on a map of the county (and the city of Melbourne for the kiddos). We asked the question, "Do you know where you live?" There was a lot of activity around the table. LOTS of great questions...and even a tip or two!

We were able to give away at least 50 business cards with the site-info on them as well as many bookmarks that we made up for the occasion We also drew names of the participants towards the end of the event and gave away six EIC t-shirts as well as a high-tech hiking pole.

Common around the table during the day were phrases like, "This is neat" and "This is really cool!" The more area residents become aware of the site, the more interest there seems to be.

I think that's neat...and cool!


Virginia said...

where's the paypal donate button? can't find one??

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

That's flattering, Virginia.