Friday, October 13, 2006

Free at Last, Free at Last... captured images are free at last!

Here's a bit of what's been stored on my SD card for the past couple of months:

I'll leave this post up for a week or two until I go on some further excursion (which I intend to do SOON!). The Church is the Old Needmore Church. The elegant old house is just on the outskirts of the renowned Evening Shade--just across the line in Sharp County.
Evening Shade, of course, is the model (in name anyway) for the fictional TV show of the same name. When the show first aired, the population was just a few hundred in the actual town. Since then, it has grown barely more than the average for other towns in the area.
There are some beautiful old homes in Evening Shade. We didn't have time to drive around town the day we took this expedition, but I intend to go back and get some photos of other homes there.
The sunset was from my front porch.
Little Big Town was in town a few weeks ago and these are some shots I took during their show.
The photo of the white flowers is decieving. The flowers were nearly the size of dinner plates. It was just some weed (any guesses?), but MAN! Ain't it purty!


TropicRedbird said...

Thanks for visiting my PF page, and the encouraging comment! I've been through your albums: great affair you got going on with your camera lens! I am humbled. BTW, the white flower looks like a hibiscus, or in the family of ... and it sure is purty! ;) Keep snapping!

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

TR, it is I who am humbled. I love your photos. Thanks for stopping by.
Oh...I will grab that camera and keep snapping, baby!

PJ said...

The flower is difinately a hibiscus.

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

Cheers, PJ.

I was through the road hwere I took the picture of the hibiscus just a few dats ago. The propert owners had some dozer work done and I'm afraid this plant may have been destroyed. I guess I'll know in a month or so.

Thanks for stopping in.