Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Old Liberty Cemetery (Violet Hill)

The Old Liberty Cemetery is located in Violet Hill. Several crypt-type graves are here but none give any indication of those who lie at rest within.
A Lieutenant with "H" Company of the 8th Arkansas Regiment, James Riley Montgomery, also lies buried here. We were able to find this web-page containing 3 letters written by his hand as well as other letters written by members...and to members of his family.
Besides members of the Waggoner, Pearson, Gipson, and Halbrook families along with severl graves of young children, a Dr. A.J. Boler rests here.
Julian Hames, whose husband, Absolom, died of illness with the CSA at Corinth Mississippi is also buried in this small cemetery. Absolom aparently joined up with the Confederate army after bushwhackers raided their home and stole everything from them...including the food on their table!
The mushroom growing at Old Liberty is included just looks so cool!

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