Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sipes Cabin, Jackie Blue Home, and Blue Church Cemetery (Lafferty)

The Sipe's Cabin shown here is as it is today (literally), is a hand-hewn log house built when the Sipe family moved to the Lafferty area around 1850. This family faced tragedy during the American Civil-War when jayhawkers mudered three sons of Jacob Jr. and his wife, Caroline. The graves of the boys are shown at the bottom of the post along with three generations of Fulbrights...four if you consider the fifth generation is shown in the photo standing alongside his ancestor's monument. The Fulbrights were among a number of German families...including the Sipes...who migrated to the Lafferty (Anderson in those days) area.

The Jackie Blue place is another snapshot of the past. The house is a single-pen hand-hewn square log home with a huge loft (It's been modified over its existence of around 150 years, of course). You'll notice a buckboard in the barn, an old washer on the porch, and a blacksmith's forge under an oak tree. We were told by the owner of the property that during the dark days of the War of Northern Aggression, a mother was terrorized by jayhawkers when she and her 18-month old baby were accosted while her husband was away working the fields. The thug held the infant over the chimney and demanded she reveal where the family's valuables were hidden. This woman took an axe an killed the jayhawker with swift and accurate blow to the head! We were told a family of Mosers lived there at the time.

As this was also once occupied by the Blue family, you might be interested in this great tribute to a man who may have even been born in this old house.

We'll bring you more from our Saturday morning excursion to Lafferty later in the week!

The Sipes Cabin

The Jackie Blue Home

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Marti Moser said...

I am a Moser and wish I knew which Moser mother protected her young un that day.
Martha Anne Moser gg-granddaughter of
Margaret A Ray Moser Sipe Sipe
Twice widowed & married 2 Sipe brothers. (brothers of the 3 murdered Sipe men)