Saturday, July 12, 2008

James F. Trimble House

The Trimble House is near Dolph. It has been carbon-dated and is the oldest known building in the county...built by the Trimble family who accompanied the Laffertys to the area in 1810. The cabin had been given to the Wolfe House Association in Norfork and was in the process of being disassembled and moved to the Wolf House sitea few years ago when a dispute arose and the house now lies unpreserved and in peril of being lost to the elements. We have been promised more information on the house by the generous property-owner who has much documentation provided by various elements of the preservation process. We at EIC think this important artifact needs to be preserved for posterity. This old house might actually be the first permanent dwelling erected within the modern boundaries of Izard County (John and Sarah Lafferty's cabin was in modern day Stone County Note: since publication of this post, a tree ring study of logs has determined this sructure was erected during the 1850s.).


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a part of the Road Trip-but it's a long way from Florida!. I enjoy so much reading and seeing the photos...Keep as much history as possible, cause when it's's gone.Have you published any sort of book with pictures, history etc.Keep up the good work and sharing for those of us who remember.....Vola in Florida...former from Arkansas

Al-Ozarka said...

Thanks Vola...and who knows what the future hold, eh?

missouriann said...

Wonderful site! Can I get printed material from previous stories or are they all posted & just added to occasionally. James Finas Trimble was my GGG grandfather & would like to learn more about him & Phoebe. The Trimble House is interesting & was wondering if it was ever moved or if there was an update on the progress. I just discovered your site today & found it very entertaining & informative