Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Little More Lunenburg!

This past weekend, we got out again around Lunenburg and managed to get some great shots! We stopped by the Lunenburg Community Center/Schoolhouse to see how the remodel was coming along and found it to have a beautiful new hardwood floor, bathrooms, and fresh paint! It really looks wonderful and the Lunenburg Community Center Association should be proud of what they have accomplished! The building will be hosting events and remain standing for another generation or two to enjoy!
While there, we just had to investigate an old building we've always noticed in a field next to the School-building. It appeared to be an old shed with a collapsed roof...until we took a closer look! It is a square-log building we believe to either be the old Post-Office or the old store-building...or at least PART of one of those two.

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Anonymous said...

The Burt Tate family used to have a homestead at this location, at one time. The old log building was used as a barn.

Not far from this old log building was the dwelling the Tate's had lived in and out front of their house and to the right side was a tiny building that was used for a post office at one time.

As remembered from my childhood days in Lunenburg...Betty