Sunday, July 06, 2008

Violet Hill School (Old Agri-Building)

This building is the oldest left standing on the Violet Hill Campus. It's unique in its design...with buttressed corners and a building material of pocketed sandstone. The large windows are especially interesting. We welcome any additional info our readers might know about this beautiful old relic.


Connor Thomas said...

My grandfather, John Thomas, taught agriculture in this building around the early 1950's.

Robert Hudson said...

Well shucks I was right in the big fat middle of a long post. I would like to finish or find it. Main points were I attended Violet Hill school in 1956-57. Dad was superintendent for that one year. John Thomas was my agri teacher and was a fine man and good teacher. He had welded two pickup hoods together to make a boat and Dad, Mr. Thomas and I floated the Strawberry at least once in that. We were from Calico Rock where Dad had been basketball coach. The gym burned in 1952 or 53 and they did not immediately rebuild so Dad got upset and took us to Texas for 3 years. So we got as close to Calico as possible for 56-57 and then moved on back over. My grade at Violet Hill was 9th. I don't guess they had a yearbook. I remember a few names of classmates: Norma Jean Ferguson, Billy Barnes, David Haymes, Windell Shrable. I remember David's dad cured the best ham in the world. I remember Windell's mother was a great cook and cooked at the school. I spent the night once with them and she fried ham and made redeye gravy the next moring. I haven't been the same since. I'm not going to press my luck and will try to post this before it goes away. My name is Robert L. Hudson but I always went by Bob. I'm retired 3-4 years from teaching and practicing psychology and have been living outside of Mountain Home since 2001.