Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conyers Cemetery

We were unable to find much about the inhabitants of the Conyers Cemetery near Mount Pleasant. Though we were intrigued by the name, "Gov. Garland", it's pretty clear that "Gov." was a nickname Bill Garland took-on because of the governorship of Augustus Garland.
We also wonder if the site of this cemetery might rest near the site of an earlier Native-American burial ground because of the thong tree growing nearby.
Again...we could find nothing about Mordecai Conyers, the oldest birthdate displayed, though we know he was an early pioneer of the county.


Charles M. Reeves said...

The only Conyers I remember is Mary Jane Conyers. I went to school with her at Mt. Pleasant from about 1935 to 1938? Her Dad owned a store in Mt. Pleasant but I do not remember his name. The reason I remember Mary Jane so well is because she used to bring candy to school and share it with me!!

Al-Ozarka said...

Mr. Reeves,

Thanks so much for your comment! When folks like you stop by and share their memories, it truly adds to the site.

Again, thanks!