Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nubbin Ridge (Now Sage)

Last weekend, my youngest and I got out and drove around Sage, once known as Nubbin Ridge. We've featured one church in the area on a couple of occasions at EIC, the Caney Springs Church. The David Bradshaw home was just down the road from Caney Springs and can be seen in the top photograph. By studying a map provided by De Emmett Bradshaw, son of David, in his autobiography and finding the splendid array of spring jonquils at the very spot noted on the map, my son and I were able to easily spot what must surely be the site of that homeplace. The assertion is supported by another plot of spring flowers blooming exactly where another homeplace now resides and the actual standing building of yet another, the Rush Place, which is pictured in the post below the photo of the old store building (help with name would be appreciated).

We also stopped at what we are told is the old Jennings Place near the Bethlehem Cemetery (house with fallen tree) and another old house along the lane between the Bradshaw Homeplace and the old highway to Sage.

We were told the old Church-building pictured was once the Church of Christ.


Barneymax said...

I remember the store at Sage. When I was a boy (I'm 81 now) I would go with my Grandfather, Charles Monroe Bryant, in a wagon to take cotton to the Cotton Gin there. I'll never forget that place because the tube that sucked up the cotton, sucked up my hat and I thought it was gonna get me too!! I think it was called the Jennings Gin. My Grandfather farmed at the old Phelps Place, and as I remember it was about half way between Stella and Sage. I was born in Stella. I enjoy very much your website. Charles M. Reeves

Al-Ozarka said...

Thanks so much for the comment, Mr.Reeves! It's great when folks like you stop in and share a memory or two!
I wish every grandchild of someone who was raised in Izard County would lead their grandparent by the hand and get them to sit down at a computer and take a look at the site. The comments we'd get would add so much to what we do!
Again, thanks!

Wayne Cook said...

I have family buried in the Bethlehem cemetery. They are not on any transcriptions. I am supposing this is because they have fieldstone markers. BUT when you look at the markersyou will see that there are names or initials carved into the rock. This would be the Cook family. The father is W. H. Cook and there are 3 or 4 more stones with just initials. I live in Pope county and would love to know what the initials on the smaller stones are if anyone is near there. is my email.