Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Arnold Homeplace

Hidden in a "holler" along a sheltered creek bottom is a time capsule that transports the visitor to another era. We are so grateful for the precious landowner who allowed us to experience this special place...a living snapshot of Izard County's past. One of the fringe benefits of doing what we do is getting to meet such wonderful people...both property owners and readers.

You'll notice the house is built very much like the Wolf House in Norfork. It is pre-civil war, though it has not been officially dated. Although the outside of the structure is covered with weather-boarding, the original structure is hand-hewn square logs. You'll also notice the Smokehouse, the Cattle Barn, the Mule Barn (log construction), and the Springhouse (built with massive hewn blocks of stone).

We hope you enjoy these photographs of the Arnold Homeplace! This site is one that deserves to have its restoration/preservation vigorously pursued.


Virginia said...

Stunning homeplace and stunning pictures. I daydream about restoring (and living in) a place just like this. My grandparents restored an old homeplace very simialr to this. They exposed the old timbers on the interiors but put new wood siding on the outside. Their house, Hickory Sticks, was built around 1820.

I can only imagine the jonquils that sprout up in late Feb here.

Someone lived here not that long ago. There is a TV antenna! Looks like such a perfect day to go exploring there.

Al-Ozarka said...

I added a video of our visit to the Arnold House that Joy took to our YouTube site if you're interested.

nike dunk said...

i think the archive you wirte is very good, but i think it will be better if you can say more..hehe,love your blog,,,

susan said...

I'm curious as to which Arnold place you are referring too? It isn't my father's old homeplace, which was located on Hidden Creek, down below the Guion Lookout. That place has been gone for years. My email is I'm trying to trace my roots and am very interested in this information. Thanks, Susan