Monday, July 03, 2006

Root Fossils At the River

My family spent the afternoon at the river yesterday. Although I have been going to this particular spot on the river for over thirty years I have just recently become interested in some fascinating fossil roots in the exposed rock on the river's bank.

I assume these are fossil roots, anyway!

Have a look at all the shots I took of them and give me your input. I'd love a real scientific opinion. I'd even love an opinion by someone with more than a little knowledge of geology or paleobotany.

I think they are quite interesting!


Anonymous said...

My Dad used tell me as a kid these were dinosauer footprints. I tell my daughter the same thing now when we ride down to Mt. Olive.

Anonymous said...

My daughter thinks some of them look like the foot prints of a T-Rex running in hot lava or mud on the river bank.

Anonymous said...

Could they be something used for washing clothes or preparing food?