Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Augustus Curren Jeffery Home

Augustus Curren Jeffery, better known as A.C. Jeffery, was one of the earliest historians of the county having penned a series of historical essays for theMelbourne Clipper during the 1870s. His work is some of the very few historical writings that survived the ravages of time and was compiled into a book entitled, Historical and Biographical Sketches of the Early Settlement of the Valley of White River, Together with a History of Izard County.
The home was built sometime prior to the War of Northern Aggression and is of log construction covered by weatherboarding. The original rock chimneys which each sported fireplaces both downstairs and up were replaced at some point with red-brick structures manufactured by slaves. The house, itself. was built by slaves and several outbuildings still stand. There was also a Summer kitchen and slave quarters on the property of which some portions of the foundations can be seen.
The home is furnished with family heirlooms handed down over the many generations of Jefferys. Along the walls are photos and documents from the family's long history in the Mount Olive area including land documents signed by at least four 19th century U.S. Presidents (including Abraham Lincoln-photo shown) as well as a retail liquor permit from the 1870s.
This property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the most significant historical sites in the county.
We all owe a debt to A. C. and others like him who took the time to write down the early history of the county and the EIC Crew owes a debt to the kind landowners who allowed us to experience being in the very place much of the county's earliest history was recorded.

Note: The photos of documents are in their original format and can be clicked-on to read.

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