Sunday, April 26, 2009

First of All...Thanks to All!

What a day, Saturday!

Thirty-Two vehicles winding along the Guion Road...around 100 people descending upon Guion, Lafferty, and Gid...great music, a truly unforgettable historic presentation, and a fat-reducing hike! The "Spring Splash" Road Trip was truly a wonderful experience for those of us at EIC!

And surely a historic occasion for our website and even the county itself!

The most amusing part of the trip? Lawncare workers doing double-takes and yard-dogs stopping their play to watch in bewilderment as the tour passed-by!

We want to thank everyone who participated in the event, Mrs. Mary Lafferty Wilson for her excellent history lesson, Dwayne Spangler for the awesome music, all those who encourage us to continue finding things to post and activities to host via e-mail, everyone who donned the yellow-shirts to help as Event Staff, the many who drove hours to be with us, the Izard County Historical & Genealogical Society for joining us, individuals who bought T-Shirts, merchandise, and made donations to the Trimble House Project, our sponsors who made it all possible, and most especially...the landowners and caretakers who graciously allowed us to visit such wonderful places!

Give us a day or two to collect photos and video from staff and participants and we'll begin sharing the entire experience through more photos, videos, and slideshows,

Again, thanks to all of you!

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