Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boswell: Piney Creek

Piney Creek near Boswell is very likely the spot county natives would reference if you were to ask the question, "What's your favorite place in Izard County?" Most of us who have ties to Izard have splashed in this stream at this particular location all of our lives. Everyone has memories to share from this special place!
My most vivid memory is that of seeing my first American Bald Eagle in the wild soar across the creek from above the bluff as I sunned myself on the beach one morning after camping there the night before. I'll never forget that moment!


Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Lovely. I'll have to see this place the next time we get together.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Anonymous said...

My name is Kelly Turner and as a kid growing up in calico rock i've spent unbeliveable hours and days swimming and camping at piney creek. I have mixed feelings about all the tourist in and around the area, some have no respect for what nature has given us. The last time I went to piney ther were no treaspassing signs there and no doubt for good reason. It is gods country and I'll never forget it and the good times we had at piney creek.

Anonymous said...

Flooded up in those photos. Nah it was covered in signs and still is because some city slicker likes to spend a few weekends there a year in a huge cabin that doesn't belong in the panorama of all of it. Too bad. A fine swimming hole. Good that we still have the nars upcreek a bit and all that fella wants is a buck or two for parking!

Anonymous said...

We own a section of the creek. It is heavily posted now, but I will say that it has not been my impression that it is tourists that trash it. Folks from here come down the creek drunk (with naked kids and poorly behaved older kids.._ with stringers of small fish, they swim at the nars and beer cans and trash litter it up, and folks of all ages smoke weed and occasionally fight down there. There have been a few jerk people from off that I have run into. I hate to say it, but especially the local youth..they can really misbehave down there. Not like back in the day when we went out there to swim and appreciated the place. Loud music from 2-3 trucks blaring at the same time, racing in and out of the area..It's sad. I had to limit access to my place due to trash and two locals who threatened me because I confronted them about their language in front of my kids and throwing rocks at my dogs. And they had even walked in on my land.I knew them. People keep the fish and by midsummer it's hard to find a good one in the creek. It's not what it was. We have owned it for a long time but are thinking of selling.

Al-Ozarka said...

Anon, I don't know how long you've owned your section of Piney but I know that 40 years ago, there was much more trash and litter than there is now. People have always gone to the rapids and the Nars for a good time. They always will, I reckon. I've always done my part to clean-up after others have trashed things around. I know others who do so as well. Before people from outside the county began moving in and buying up these places that are near and dear to every native Izard Countyite and running them off when they came to have fun, we could come and go as we please. I'm sure there is resentment on both sides.