Monday, January 12, 2009

Standing Rock (Upper Piney Creek)

Standing Rock is all it has been billed to so many different people!
The giant rock-formation looms out of the hillsides on upper Piney Creek in Extreme Northern Izard County. It has been host to countless Easter Sunday celebrations over the generations when people from the area have gathered to frolic among the standing stones of Izard. Viewed from above, the structure almost resembles the ancient stone circle we know as Stonehenge. If one looks closely at the bottom right photo in the post, you may be able to make out the head of a Native-American Chief!
A large portion of the rock is said to have dislodged around 1900 and fell to where it now stands apart from the rest of the structure. The fallen portion stands as a natural sounding board forming a perfect's even curved! The hike was enjoyable except for one mishap that occurred when one of our group twisted an ankle on our descent off the rock.
We are so thankful to Kirk and Patty Boyd for leading us to their awesome possession...a place we have long wanted to document and experience! We were also glad to have Ron Helm, VP of Student Services at Ozarka College in Melbourne, along with us for this great excursion.
Note: You can watch our series of 8 short clips form this excursion by visiting our EIC TV Page!


Linda said...

I too, having enjoyed the hike to standing rock, do agree. This is a wonderful rock formation with beautiful scenery all the way. And the view from the top really makes it worthwhile. Even for the creek that you must wade thru (or jump) to get there. My only advice is to be sure and use a good DETT repellant. We were covered with ticks upon our return. This is definitely not a hike for the weak though. We hiked from the church and it seemed like it was 5 miles.

Allan said...

Very nice place. also the tree that grows on standing rock has initials back to at least the 1950's.

Al-Ozarka said...

Allan and Linda,

Thanks for your great comments! We look forward to going back to Standing Rock when we can explore the area a bit more!

Anonymous said...

i people whom have no reflection as to what it took to settle this land are the same ones whom gives the map for others to destroy what the natives already know.ITS SO SIMBOLIC OF WHAT YANKEES WISH TO EXPLOIT AND YES WE LOVE OUR LAND WITH GREAT PRIDE

Anonymous said...

Every part of the world has unique formations, be it rock, hill, mountain, river or lake. The native
populace of those locations have received a gift of creation brought about by nature and environment; and the recipients rightly take pride in their presentation to the natives of earth to admire, respect and flourish in awe of the many spectacular sites so blessed.
I personally don't comprehend the purpose for the accusation of "exploitation" by "Yankees"??
Such is the attitude that diminish
the inner value of extraordinary
natural formations wherever they
may occur. Every such place is a
gift from nature for ALL to admire.
As such it is that the EARTH owns it.