Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Video: Rocky Bayou Traverse

The following video is a result of several short excursions the EIC Crew has made around Lunenburg and along Rocky Bayou the past few weeks. Rocky Bayou was a major source of water in the county for the pioneers and they took advantage of the wide, level creek-bottoms.



The vehicle spaces for our October 24th "Magical History Tour" are going fast! If you plan to join us, let us know soon. We have not yet announced the event in the local media so that our readers will have first chance at the limited spaces available.We will be sending out press releases for next week.

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Jennifer Grimes said...

Keith seems to think that some of his ancestors used to live inside the log home, on the Hunter Ranch! (the log home in your video) He says Emmitt, Richard, and Franklyn may have lived there when they were real young. Jen