Monday, November 19, 2012

W. B. Byler Barn

This past weekend, we happened to meet up with an old friend, Dave Byler, near Knob Creek who showed us his grandfather's barn. Dave told us the barn was built with logs from another old barn sometime after his grandfather, William Barrett Byler, homesteaded the property. We were told that the only money that has ever changed hands for the property is that exchanged with France for the Louisiana Purchase. William...or "Wils" as he was called, was the son of Dr. John Love Byler. It is said that John was educated by his mother and given a good education. He became a Doctor. According to Carroll Byler,"John was a country family doctor. He rode his horse or mule around visiting his patients. Made a small living as no one had much money. They only took a buggy when the family went. (from oocities Byler5thGeneration)

 Enjoy the photos! 

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