Friday, April 17, 2009

A Big, Big "Thank You" to Our Sponsors!

How exciting!

First - within 10 days of announcing our April 25th "Spring Splash" Road Trip, we had completely booked the tour! When, two weeks ago, an article about the site appeared in the Three Rivers supplement to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and we received more calls, we decided to allow a few more to join in on the fun. We even managed to find room for some to go along in other vehicles (thanks to those offering their seats)!

Second - the response to our sponsorship-seeking efforts has been truly encouraging! We are so proud of our sponsors who see the value in this amazing county's natural beauty, history, and Ozark culture. It's great to know so many area business-people aware of the pressing need to preserve Izard County's treasures. They know, as we do here at EIC, that Izard County holds its very future in its own hands clutched tightly to its blessed bosom!

A GIANT Thank-You to our gracious sponsors!

Another great-big, huge Thank You to those who chose to also sponsor our website! You can view these sponsors on our sidebar to the right.

And thanks, also, to the wonderful people who have helped spread the word about this site and the events it sponsors through various and sundry means!

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