Sunday, December 28, 2008


My family spent Christmas in a cabin on Sylamore Creek and decided to get out to get a few shots of the remaining buildings at Sylamore. Pictured is the Sylamore Depot (actually on the National Register of Historic Places), an old house, the old Williamson's General Merchandise Store, and the old petroleum warehouse. I added a shot of the suspension bridge across Sylamore Creek.
According to Karr Shannon in A History of Izard County, Sylamore Creek was named after Chief Syllamo, an old Indian horse-thief who was shot by the early white settlers he harassed, falling near the mouth of the creek and dying. The first post-office was established on the Stone County side of the river in 1851 under postmaster Tobias S. Rudolph. Later, in 1905, another post-office was established across the river in Izard County and was named "East Sylamore". After the office in Stone County was discontinued, it was renamed "Sylamore" in 1930. Sylamore Landing was one of the most important steamboat landing on the upper White River. It was the entry point for goods and supplies as far away as Big Flat. There once stood a 100ft long two-story warehouse on the west side of the river near the mouth of Sylamore Creek where goods were stored to be carried by wagon or pack animals all over the region.

UPDATE!  The depot is now gone...dismantled by the current landowner. Very sad.

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Katherine Novak said...

Anyone know of a roadhouse called Ma Cook's, circa 1940, in the Sylamore area?