Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flat Rock Hollow: Sentinel Valley Traverse

Video Below!

This past weekend, we explored Flat Rock Hollow below the two waterfalls we've visited before. The hollow winds between high bluffs and passes through one valley that hosts columns of standing stones on both ridges, hence our dubbing it "Sentinel Valley". We squeezed along one large fissure in a bluff before reaching our destination, an 80 - 100 foot high wet - weather waterfall! There is evidence that as the water approaches the precipice when the stream is running, it is sometimes 3 - 4 ft deep when it plunges to the forest floor below.
We've known about this waterfall for nearly two-years and were glad to have the opportunity to visit it. But...we must return this spring when the hills are alive with the sound of rushing water!


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