Thursday, June 03, 2010

Video: Calico Rockin' !

The following video is a compilation of clips gathered over the past several weeks as the EIC Crew visited the Calico Rock area. Included are clips from Peppersauce Ghost Town, The Natural Bridge near Dolph, the Indian Cave in Calico Rock, and Hobo's Den.

EIC was asked to visit the Indian Cave and investigate the structures built within it then to offer our thoughts on their origins and intended use. Besides the EIC Crew, The Snyders and McGuffeys were also present when we visited the site. We've published a post at The EIC Journal page and will be discussing our thoughts about what we found over there. We also invite our readers to view the video, read the article at The EIC Journal, look at the photos posted over there, and offer their own thoughts. Perhaps there is someone out there who knows how this unique site was utilized in the past.


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Al-Ozarka said...

Jim told me over the weekend that someone had told him that they had always heard this cave referred to as "The old slave cave".

I've also been told that there is a similar cave in the Zion area which was also called a "slave cave".

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