Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video: Piney Fork Traverse!

Below is a video from a ride Rick and I took this past Sunday through the eastern part of the county Featured in the video below is the ruins of the old McElmurry place.


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Reader Eddie Chet sent us photos of the Andrew Jackson McElmurry (1816-1853) Home which we believe to be the "Unknown Homeplace" visited on the video above. Following are photos of the home in use and after it had been boarded up.


Eddie Chet said...

Where is the unidentified homeplace located in relation to Antioch Church and the Hamm School House? The McElmurry home (Andrew Jackson McElmurry 1816-1854 and Elizabeth Macom McElmurry 1823-1892) was located east of Antioch church. The McElmurry family cemetery is across the road from the Hamm School House, although I am sure it is grown up in weeds.

Al-Ozarka said...

The homeplace is located just above the creek east of Antioch on the Hamm Schoolhouse Road. I was looking at Roger Harvell's landmaps and I believe this very well could be the Andrew Jackson McElmurry place.

Thanks, Eddie! Comments like yours are very helpful to us!

Eddie Chet said...

Thank you so much for your response. I'll have to make another trip over. I have pictures of the house in good repair taken around the time of WWI, and some pictures of it boarded up, but still standing, if you would be interested. I am not sure where to email them to.

Al-Ozarka said...

We would LOVE to have photos of the home, Eddie! I'll add them to the post.

Send them to:

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Unknown said...

Hello! I'm a little late to this party, obviously , but I found your video while doing genealogy research. Andrew Jackson McElmurry would be my third great grandfather. Being from Oklahoma and never having been to this part of Arkansas this is something I never would have been able to experience without your video. Thank you so much! I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to go about finding this place yet it's like I have been there!

Kim Spencer