Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saint Paul Cemetery (Sharp County)

The Saint Paul Cemetery is located between Sidney in Sharp County and Mount Pleasant in Izard. It stands on a hilltop along Saint Paul Road and is home to the final resting places of several Civil-War vets. Sadly, as in several other similar instances around Izard county, the Civil-War vets buried here have little information available online about them.
Strangely, there are two Civil-War markers honoring the service of Hiram Ruben Meeker crediting him with service in both the CSA and the USA. According to the markers, he served in Company C of the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment in both armies!
I confirmed his service with the Union Army by finding his company roster. I was unable to find the Arkansas 2nd Cav's roster.
Reverend Grove Meeker who was born in 1797 is also buried here.
Other vets include Daniel C. White who fought with the 9th Illinois Cavalry (Union); Lieutenant Robert Wiley of the 4th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment(Confederate); J.W. Jones (or is it really W.J. Jones) in Company F, 3rd Missouri Cavalry Regiment(Union); J.E. Hedges of the 12th Kentucky Cavalry (Union).

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Tom McCoy said...

Emiline McCoy is my Great Great Grandmother. Thanks for the photo of her stone. Do you know who is in charge of this cemetery? Tom McCoy