Saturday, March 07, 2009

Poke Bayou Traverse

Jim had never been to "B-Rock" at Sandtown, so today we ventured a little way into Independence County to take him there after we checked out another location near Lafferty. The video below lets you ride along with us as we go!

We stopped at two cemeteries along the way, the Conyers Cemetery and the Barren Fork Cemetery. We'll include photos from those locations in a post later this week.

Poke Bayou begins near Mount Pleasant and flows through Sandtown and on to the White River at Batesville. It was to this creek many of the early settlers came. Across the White River from Poke Bayou is Wolf Bayou which hosted an Indian camp and trading-post. The creek is picturesque near Sandtown as it flows along the foot of overhanging bluffs.

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