Saturday, December 29, 2007

Needle's Eye and Moon Eye

A much anticipated hike to Needle's Eye and Moon Eye was on the menu for this amazing day! Thanks to friend of the site, Wayne Hill for leading us on an excellent adventure!
This feature is located on the bank of Mill Creek opposite Pearogue and is truly something to behold! Our host informed us that the cave here was excavated by the University of Arkansas at one time and some very cool artifacts were collected...including a canoe. The site stands in the shadow of Slick Top and Hollow Mountains. The views of bluff-lined Mill Creek from above the creek are stunning! The tunnel extends about 100 feet from the top of the bluff to the creek bottom below. When exiting the tunnel on the creek, the large shelter and the natural bridge feature that is Moon Eye are just to the right.
This is a site that touches the raw spiritual parts of those who see it. The feelings of connection with the land and the generations people who lived on and used the land before us is very strong indeed!

More clips from the trip can be viewed at EIC TV!

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