Sunday, April 09, 2017

Vintage Photos: The Dowdle Family Collection

Here is the first edition of photos from the Dowdle Family Collection and includes some incredile images ranging from an early Pioneer Day in Melbourne to a celebration gathering at Banchard Springs. More to come!  ENJOY!

Pioneer Day 

William Hendrix  (Back of photo)

Raymon House (Back of photo)

Millard Garrett A.K.A. Pet Moss Garrett  (Back of photo)

David and Lizzie Cartwright  (Back of photo)

Jimmy and Dashealain Dowdle, Imogene and Bud Cooper  (Back of photo)

No name on back but this at first appeared to be Pilot Knob absent timber but may actually be
Standing Rock

Pioneer Day  (Back of photo)

Beaford, Jim Bob..."Benbrooks I think"  (Back of photo)

David Cartwright  (Back of photo) 

Willie Hendrix  (Back of photo) Taken at Pearogue School-Pilot Knob in Backgroound
"Not sure who this is but think its Dr. Somebody"  (Back of photo)

Click here for article about the Three blind Rorie Brothers

Was told this might be 1901 Confederate Reunion at Blanchard but believe otherwise.

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