Monday, August 08, 2016

Old Guion to Melbourne Road - Bridge at Sandy Flat:

One of the earliest roads in the county connected the Steamboat landing (and later the railroad) at Wild Haws Landing (now Guion) to Melbourne and the central part of Izard. It is said to have followed Rocky Bayou's valley crossing the creek many times. Eudell Smith once told us that there are wagon ruts in the bedrock in some places along the route. It was along this road that the material for the 1912 Clocktower Courthouse was transported from the railroad to Melbourne in wagons. Below are some photos of the bridge piers from the span that crossed East Rocky Bayou just a few yards above where the stream meets West Rocky Bayou at Sandy Flat (also known as Adler). Some of the piers are of an earlier construction and one is obviously from later. The road served the area for many years up until the middle part of the 20th Century.  Other photos are from the area of the converging streams at Sandy Flat.

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