Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vintage Photo Postcard: Elijah Jeffery House at Mount Olive

The Elijah Jeffery House stood until a few years ago along the railroad tracks at Mount Olive. In its later years, it served as a boarding house before finally being abandoned to its fate. Our first encounters with this incredible old building were when it had deteriorated to the point of parts of the roof collapsing (see photo at right)
. Behind the home was a fascinating root cellar or ice house of cut stone that has been dismantled and the stone used by someone for a modern project. The beautiful roofing tin was also salvaged and was used to decorate the interior of the recently remodeled Mount Olive Schoolhouse nearby. Before acquiring this photo from our friend Judy Williams whose aunt had shared it with Judy's parents, we could only imagine the magnificence of the old structure. Here's the building as it looked in its hey-day.

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