Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Trail of Trees Road-Trip

This Spring's road-trip will be a ride along what we believe might be an ancient Native-American trail marked by over a dozen living artifacts! This event which will feature a presentation about Indian Trail Trees by Mountain Stewards member, Bob Gaut, at the historic Lunenburg Schoolhouse will be capped by visits on both ends to the Melbourne History Museum in the morning and the Calico Rock Museum in the afternoon! Historian and EIC/ESC Crew Member, Freda Cruse Hardison will be sharing some stories from the period of the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Trees marks the route of the Trail of Tears traveled by the Benge Detachment and probably others through Izard County during the period. Along the trail, we'll visit the original County Seat of Izard County, Athens, where at least one group of 1500 camped during the Trail of Tears.

This event is free and open to anyone interested in the subject of the trees! We will encourage participants to make donations which will be divided between both museums. We will also offer T-Shirts near our cost and will have some raffle items available to help raise funds for software and equipment updates we desperately need! T-Shirts will be available for pre-ordering.

An itinerary, schedule, and map will be available next week to all participants.

To sign-up for this tour, please join at our Facebook Event page, call us at (870) 656-4835, or contact us by e-mail at !

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