Monday, November 05, 2012

Jehoiada & Mary Jeffery Homestead Clean-up

On Saturday, November 3rd 2012, Rick and I along with our friends, Warren and Renee, joined members of the Jeffery Family near Mount Olive to help clean up the grossly overgrown site of the original 1816 Jehoiada and Mary Jeffery Homestead. Likely the most significant historical site in the county, this homestead was mentioned in an entry in the journal of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft describing his night's stay with the Jefferys in 1819 on his descent of the White River while doing a survey of the region. The next night, Schoolcraft spent the night at  Sarah Lafferty's home a day's float downriver.

When the EIC Crew first visited this site a few years back, we discussed the need for it to be cleaned and  preserved. Thanks to the tenacity and determination of Elvada Walker (a descendant of Jehoiada and Mary) and other members of the Jeffery clan, the site is now clear of brush. It is the intention of those involved with this project to return to the site and do more preservation of the important site by clearing the rubble of the collapsed chimneys and possibly re-stacking the rock.. 

It is the hope of the EIC that one day we might see some sort of archaeological activity at the site.

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Gail said...

It is good to see many interested in preserving the history.

Could you tell me where the head waters of Lafferty Creek are?