Saturday, August 18, 2012

Special Edition: Round Mouth & Flat Mouth...Endangered Caves?

We recently visited two awesome caves in the county, Round Mouth and Flat Mouth which lie within a quarter mile of each other. An open-pit sand-mining operation is set to begin production near both of these caves. We visited Round Mouth about three years ago with our friend, Paul Jackson who told us there are Native-American paintings on a wall well inside the cave. He also described a beautiful waterfall which exists in the depths of the Earth at this location. Another friend who owns the Flat Mouth Cave, told us that when he was young, it was possible to enter at Flat Mouth and emerge at Round Mouth. We have never got the chance to make an excursion deep into the cave to view the artifacts and natural features about which we have been told. We hope one day to be able to do so. Hopefully sooner rather than later. We feel it's important that the art inside the cave is at least documented.


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