Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Announcing: Spring Splash II Road Trip and Concert Tour!

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It's time for the big announcement!

Don't Stop Please
On Saturday, April 28th 2012, your Exploring Izard County Crew will be hosting our Spring Splash II Road Trip and Concert Tour.

The hot young band, "Don't Stop Please" will be entertaining participants with acoustic sets at all three tour locations: The Dodd Hole; The Gristmill Waterfall at Gid; The Gid Waterfall.
Dodd Mill Hole and Falls

The Road Trip will be in two segments:

1) Off-Road Trail Ride to Dodd Hole 10am - 11:30am
Note - This segment has been separated from the rest of the tour for an important reason: The trail to Dodd Hole is VERY rough and will require a Pick-Up Truck or SUV to traverse it. Please! Drive your low-clearance vehicle at your own risk!

Gristmill Waterfall
2) Road Trip and "Rolling Concert" Tour to The Gristmill Waterfall and the Waterfall at Gid 12pm - 3pm
Note - All vehicles welcome!

Gid Waterfall
We will have pic-nic on the grounds of the Gid Waterfall and encourage everyone to bring swimming attire! We want to get you SPLASHED!

As with all of our Road Trip events, we will have limited space available. Please! Contact us ASAP to reserve your spot on this unique tour!

Those who register for this event will receive a packet with a map, schedule, and more details once the tour is filled.

Please contact us at: or by phone at (870) 656-4835

We hope you will "please yourself" and mark your calendars for April 28th! Then come join EIC and DSP for this wonderful opportunity to hear meet a talented group of youngsters who are making big waves on the Arkansas music scene at three of Izard County's most beautiful locations!

Dodd Mill Hole and Falls

View Spring Splash II Road Trip and Concert Tour featuring "Don't Stop Please" in a larger map

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