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Vintage Photo: Mount Olive, 1910

Update!    Click for current photo of Main Street Mount Olive!

Note - Railroad is not in same location as in 1910. It was moved after the floods of the late 1920s...some of the old sections still exist near the A.C. Jeffery Home.

Main Street, Mount Olive in  1910

  The signs on the store fronts in the foreground appear to read "Dixon Bros." on the left and "Jeffery & Co." on the right. The postmaster of that time, Patrick H. Jeffery, opened a store after the railroad was built through town. Perhaps he built the store just below the post-office as the building on the right just above the "Jeffery & Co." store appears to have a flagpole on its roof. Or perhaps the second building on the right is the Drug Store and Doctor's Office owned and operated by Dr. William Ransom Hayden. The map indicates that the post office and the drug store were side by side.Perhaps, like most post-offices of the day, Patrick Jeffery operated both his store and post-office out of the building on the end.

For reference, here's a map of Mount Olive around 1900 that was published in the April, 1975 edition of The Izard County Historian, Volume 6 Number 2. The map was adapted from the 1972 drawings of H. E. Jeffery and Ray Hanks from the Jeffery Historical Society in Richmond, VA..

Heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Glenda Wommack, Stone County Museum Director, who sent us the postcard photo. Mrs. Glenda writes:

"I found this old 1910 postcard w/picture of Mt. Olive in the files at the Stone County Museum in Mt. View. Thought I'd share just in case you didn't have one like it. Post card was sent from Grace Hopper Nesbitt w/Sylamore, AR stamp dated Feb 21, 1913 to Miss Jara Massey, Herpel, Ark. Written and underlined on date stamped side, it states 'Main Street, Mt. Olive, AR, March 1910.'"

Folks, if you have vintage photos of landmarks in Izard County, share them with others through us or through some other historical or genealogical site. Let's put the pieces of the puzzle that is Izard County history back together! With a united effort, we can literally make history!

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Al-Ozarka said...

After looking again at the photo, I appears that the "flagpole" is protruding from the porch of the Jeffery building.