Sunday, February 06, 2011

Video: Upper Wideman Creek Traverse - Stone Box Cave

Since our first snow a couple of weeks back, we've been able to revisit a few really cool places and to rediscover some truly amazing artifacts about which we will tell our readers in a post soon to come. The following video is comprised of clips we got while driving through the hollows along upper Wideman Creek during our first snow of the year coupled with "footage" we took when we returned to the area the next week to visit the Stone Box Cave.

Though he didn't have a camera with him (expletive imagined), Rick actually entered the cave along with our friend, Darrell. We intend to return one day later in the year to explore the cave a bit.


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MikeL said...

Thanks for yet another interesting video related to the county of my ancestors. My great great great grandfather came to Izard County from Johnson County Tennessee and made a home in that county for four generations to follow. You guys do a great job. Hope to join you on an excursion soon